About Me

Hello there! Let me introduce myself!

Here comes trouble! hehehe =))

My name is Virly Razkia Surury, just call me “ily”, or “Virly” :)))

24 years old. Taurus girl. 16 May 1989. My blood type is A. Sanguin. Extrovert.

Love all about; writing, watching, reading, make up, i love shopping, Arsenal (proud to be Gooner), SNSD (proud to be SONE)~ I’m a Kpop fan!

my blog is my diary, enjoy it! ~

I only like writing when i get to write what i want. Menulis adalah kebiasaan. Menulis adalah trace (jejak kaki) yang sewaktu-waktu jika saya tua nanti ingin menengok ke belakang, mengenangnya…


Warm regards,

– ily –

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hai virly,really nice to read your diary
    My Name is Sharasto,but u can call me Mas Rasto..haha
    Saya dari Jogja..salam kenal ily
    Oh ya,saya jg suka nulis.mari mampir ke blog saya sharastonu.blogspot.com

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